Worried đi cùng với giới tự gì? Worry about là gì? là câu hỏi chung của đa số người. Để đọc hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng giống như cách thực hiện “Worried” trong tiếng Anh như vậy nào, hãy cùng infokazanlak.com kiếm tìm hiểu cụ thể ngay trong bài viết dưới đây.

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worried about

I am very worried for our team.

Worried for unpleasant climate.

I am worried for the future of B.

Im worried for mankind because of the likes of you believing in these idiotic ideas.

Now I walk around not worried, like I am a free man, but I am worried for the future.

Earlier I used to get angry reading your rubbish blogs, but now I am worried for you.

The interpretation of this stanza itself can show how Arnold is worried for humanity, conveying his state of mind.

I am so so worried for the parents, they must be dead fearful of sending their obedient baby boys lớn the army now.

It is the first time we will be away from home and I’d worried for my children who have never known any other home.

The former Munster MEP said she is worried for democracy because the State has lied & cheated và got away with it.

You should be more worried by lightning.

I’d not excited, or worried by any means.

I’d shocked and worried by what I’ve read.

I have become ever more worried by the Italianisation of Ferrari under Montezemolo 2.

The Saints defence is so worried by Andy Carroll that huge gaps are emerging elsewhere.

I want khổng lồ understand exactly why it is that local Jewish communities are so worried by EAPPI.

Meanwhile, 20% did not know whether or not they would feel worried by an increase in public support for extremists.

Most of them were n’t, so we did our best to make them more worried by suggesting that dinosaurs are going khổng lồ return.

That’s why EasyJet isn’t too worried by them, in fact seems supportive, they already have high loading, newer aircraft.

The Chinese are puzzled and worried by the visibles & invisibles of our developing strategic relationship with the US.

Only worried of our children future.

Everybody is worried of their privacy.

I’d becoming worried of another scam act.

CCM is not worried of corruption because they depend on winning by rigging elections.

But when the stakes got too high, the Japanese investors got worried of his position.

My grandfather fearful of being murdered and worried of livelihood took refuge in Chefoo.

I have a very close friend, who writes beautifully, và would like comments, but is not worried of not getting any.

So who is right? The real fact is Umno và MCA are very scared and worried of the strong bond between PKR, PAS và DAP.

They were rightly worried of these issues that they did even fear the wrath of the Romans, who could not tolerate riots.

The Yorubas should be more worried of the safety of their kith và kin in the West, and around &; across the River Niger.

Then I looked at tripadvisor & got worried as the đánh giá weren’t good.

Divya saying that tom is mukta’s case and she s worried as to what will happen.

If your other arguments are true then I am worried as to the size of our total đen money.

The Arch-Architect seems worried – as close to worried as a century-level World mind can be.

When I am worried as to which path to take, He points the way and says, ‘ this is the way, walk ye in it.

There is tension in the air and the mother is very worried as to what her daughter will do in the near future.

Possibly I am not as worried as I should be? Maybe I should buy some more gold? There is no comparison intended.

While other generals did not go so far as this, most of them were very worried as to where the chiến dịch would lead.

I was very worried as lots of my friends have had problems conceiving so I was looking for a program to get me ready.

I’d kind off worried as to why all this crashes should occur in less than a weekspan claiming almost 200 lifes in all.

I did become worried at this point.

So I’d not too worried at this point.

Worried at being in front of the camera 3.

We should be very worried at the way peaceful protest is being threatened in this way.

When he woke up, he found himself in a hospital room, with his family looking worried at him.

But staying with Skiddy was going khổng lồ be difficult; he was becoming worried at Basil’s tenacity.

Though I convinced myself I’d had too much coffee, that I’d imagined it–part of me worried at every sound and shadow.

I’d worried at the dip in form that he had before he got injured, and even scoring an own-goal (which was unfortunate).

With great difficulty, Juliet crawled back to the beach to see her mother, who had been very worried at her long absence.

Many friends in time of blessing I vị not know that they would no longer turned to lớn me for money so worried at the car door.

Now I feel so worried in whatever I do.

He shouldn’t be too worried in that regard.

Clara is sad and worried in Mara’s condition.

I prayed and worried in my mind all night what was going khổng lồ happen lớn that little girl.

Before using any product mentioned you should consult your dentist if your worried in any way.

But I’d worried in the broader sense, worried about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Davies had to lớn be defending all the way through out the debate some times he seems lớn be very worried in his repilys.

You happen to be furthermore definitely not going lớn get worried in host crash whenever your site experience unexpected dash.

But Ms Brereton said she became worried in 1989 when a car bomb, detonated by one of her police superiors, killed four đen men.

Embassy officials in Damascus became worried in 2009 when they learned that Syrian intelligence agents were raising questions about U.

I am getting worried over this.

Please am getting worried over this.

Medusa’s got me worried over this little problem now.

Worried over this, the brothers of Das went to the bank where Das had apparently gone.

He worried and worried over it, and when he went to bed he lay awake thinking about it.

I’d not that worried over such a clause in the TPP so long as it has the normal exemptions.

Despite achieving quantum jump in nuclear field, Indian leadership remains worried over Pakistan’s nuclear capability.

Worried over mobile Cloud computing & mobility go hand in hand, especially when part of a disaster preparedness plan.

I love these Athiest Bus ads, but I am worried over the Islamic Fundamentalism movements planed ads lớn be launched in BC.

Worried over large-scale tree-cutting, the state government had attempted in the past to use permanent chariots for Rath Yatra.

And so really don’t get worried with regards khổng lồ the.

Anna movements makes her worried with reasons clearly outlines.

Why Prime Minister so worried with the activities of opposition.

I would be less worried with what she told you, & more worried with WHY she told you.

Certainly vì chưng nt get worried with regards khổng lồ the warts you can would directly to them at present.

Alternatively, purchasing is perfect for drivers who are much more worried with lengthy-phrase fees and needs.

With this background, it is understandable why we became worried with the array of beggars at the Ilesha ceremony.

The architects of the EZ were so worried with the entry qualifications that they neglected to design exit qualifications.

You are better off investing via the SIP route in a mutual fund if you get worried with daily fluctuations in stock prices.

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Again, this is why you need predictable and stable income — otherwise, you’re going to be very worried with all of your bills.