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wish /wi / danh từ lòng mong mỏi muốn, lòng ao ước; lòng thèm muốnto express a wish: tỏ lòng muốn ướcto have a great wish to: mong mỏi được ý muốn; lệnhin obedience to lớn your wishes: theo lệnh của ông điều ý muốn ước, nguyện vọngto have one"s wish: ước gì được nấy (số nhiều) lời chúcwith best wishes: với các lời chúc mừng tốt đẹp nhất ngoại đụng từ muốn, mong, hy vọngI wish khổng lồ say: tôi hy vọng nóiit is lớn be wished that...

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: mong mỏi rằng... chúcto wish someone well: chúc đến ai gặp điều tốt lànhto wish happiness to: chúc niềm hạnh phúc cho nội hễ từ ao ước ước, cầu ao; thèm muốnto wish for: ước aoto wish something upon somebody (thông tục) gán mang đến ai chiếc gì
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Từ điển Collocation

wish noun

1 feeling that you want sth

ADJ. dearest, deepest, fervent, greatest, strong | conscious, unconscious | secret | dying, last He was denied his dying wish to be reconciled with his son. | death Freud"s theory of the death wish | personal | parental the child"s detention against parental wishes

VERB + WISH have | express, make known She has expressed a wish lớn visit the Houses of Parliament. | fulfill She fulfilled her deepest wish when she flew solo for the first time. | get She"s always wanted to lớn be an actress, & I"m sure she"ll get her wish. | grant sb | be responsive to, consider, honour, respect, take into account It is vital for schools to lớn respect the wishes of parents. | carry out, comply with, implement, meet We need lớn update our equipment if we are to meet customers" wishes. | obey She flew into a rage if the staff didn"t obey her wishes. | deny sb | disregard, flout, go against, ignore, override, ride roughshod over The committee rode roughshod over the wishes of union members. | reflect The change to the constitution reflects the wishes of the people who voted in the referendum.

WISH + NOUN fulfilment | danh sách Draw up a wish list, defining the requirements for your ideal home.

PREP. against sb"s ~s Her father will not speak to her, because she married against his wishes. | in sb"s ~ In his wish to lớn be as helpful as possible, he was forever asking her what she wanted. | in accordance with sb"s ~s In accordance with his wishes, his ashes were scattered at sea. | ~ for a wish for peace

2 saying secretly to yourself what you want to lớn happen

VERB + WISH have, make When you see a đen cat, you have to make a wish. | be allowed, get If you"re the one who finds the hidden box, you get a wish. | grant The good fairy granted her three wishes.

WISH + VERB come true Lo và behold, on Christmas Day their wishes came true.

3 (usually wishes) hope that sb will be happy

ADJ. best, good Give my best wishes to Alison.

VERB + WISH give sb, send (sb)

PREP. with ~ (at the end of a letter) With best wishes for a happy birthday. | ~ for Every good wish for your future happiness together.

Từ điển WordNet


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the particular preference that you have

it was his last wish

they should respect the wishes of the people


hope for; have a wish

I wish I could go trang chủ now

make or express a wish

I wish that Christmas were over

order politely; express a wish for

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

wishes|wished|wishingsyn.: desire fancy like long for request want