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tolerate /"tɔləreit/ ngoại động từ tha thứ, khoan thứ chịu đựng đựng (sự đau đớn, nóng, lạnh...) (y học) chịu (thuốc)
chịu đựngcho phép




Từ điển Collocation

tolerate verb

1 allow sth you bởi vì not like

ADV. barely | merely She actually seemed pleased to see him: most of her visitors she merely tolerated. | grudgingly | officially Union activity was officially tolerated but strongly discouraged. | no longer The government is not prepared khổng lồ tolerate this situation any longer.

VERB + TOLERATE be unable to, (not) be prepared to, (not) be willing to, cannot/could not, find sth difficult to, will/would not I will not tolerate this behaviour!

2 not be affected by difficult conditions

ADV. readily, well This plant prefers alkaline soil, though it will readily tolerate some acidity. She tolerated the chemotherapy well.

VERB + TOLERATE be unable to, cannot/could not, find/make sth difficult to, will/would not people whose eye condition makes it difficult to tolerate bright light

Từ điển WordNet


recognize và respect (rights và beliefs of others)

We must tolerate the religions of others

have a tolerance for a poison or strong drug or pathogen

The patient does not tolerate the anti-inflammatory drugs we gave him

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English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

tolerates|tolerated|toleratingsyn.: abide accept allow bear endure permit stand suffer

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