stiff stiff (stĭf) adjectivestiffer, stiffest1. Difficult khổng lồ bend; rigid. 2. a. Not moving or operating easily or freely; resistant: a stiff hinge. B. Lacking ease or comfort of movement; not limber: a stiff neck.3. Drawn tightly; taut. 4. a. Rigidly formal. B. Lacking ease or grace.5. Not liquid, loose, or fluid; thick: stiff dough. 6. Firm, as in purpose; resolute. 7. Having a strong, swift, steady force or movement: a stiff current; a stiff breeze. 8. Potent or strong: a stiff drink. 9. Difficult, laborious, or arduous: a stiff hike; a stiff examination. 10. Difficult khổng lồ comprehend or accept; harsh or severe: a stiff penalty. 11. Excessively high: a stiff price. 12. Nautical. Not heeling over much in spite of great wind or the press of the sail. Adverb1. In a stiff manner: frozen stiff. 2. To a complete extent; totally: bored stiff. NounSlang.1. A corpse. 2. A person regarded as constrained, priggish, or overly formal. 3. A drunk. 4. A person: a lucky stiff; just an ordinary working stiff. 5. A hobo; a tramp. 6. A person who tips poorly. Verb, transitivestiffed, stiffing, stiffsSlang.1. To tip (someone) inadequately or not at all, as for a service rendered: paid the dinner kiểm tra but stiffed the waiter. 2. a. To lớn cheat (someone) of something owed: My roommate stiffed me out of last month"s rent. B. To fail to lớn give or supply (something expected or promised). stiffʹish adjective stiffʹly adverb stiffʹness nounSynonyms: stiff, rigid, inflexible, inelastic, tense. These adjectives are compared as they describe what is very firm & does not easily bend or give way. Stiff, the least specific, refers to what can be flexed only with difficulty (a brush with stiff bristles; a stiff collar); with reference to persons it often suggests a lack of ease, cold formality, or fixity, as of purpose: "stiff in opinions" (John Dryden). Rigid & inflexible apply khổng lồ what cannot be bent without damage or deformation (a table made of rigid plastic; an inflexible knife blade); figuratively they describe what does not relent or yield: "under the dictates of a rigid disciplinarian" (Thomas B. Aldrich). "In religion the law is written, & inflexible, never to vày evil" (Oliver Goldsmith). Inelastic refers largely to what lacks elasticity và so will not stretch & spring back without marked physical change: an inelastic substance. Tense means stretched tight; it is applied literally to body structures such as muscles và figuratively to lớn what is marked by tautness or strain: "that tense moment of expectation" (Arnold Bennett).

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stiffstiff(adj) rigid, firm, inflexible, unbending, unbendable, taut, hard, unyielding, solidantonym: limpaching, painful, sore, arthritic, tender severe, drastic, stringent, excessive (disapproving), extreme, steep (informal), harshantonym: lenientdemanding, exacting, arduous, testing, tough, laborious, rigorous, difficult, taxingantonym: easystrong, powerful, robust, intense, vigorousantonym: weakformal, stuffy, standoffish, aloof, stilted, wooden, pompousantonym: relaxedstiff(n) body, dead body, corpse, cadaver, goner (slang), carcass person, body toàn thân (informal), soul, individual, guy (informal), bod (slang)