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Responses during active network states (spindle waves) were significantly different from those occurring during silent states (interspindle lulls).
The unwary will be lulled into a false sense of security và happily accept a possibly wrong result.
The narrator makes it plain ("for instance") that he is rendering conversations and not lulling the reader unaware directly into live discourse.
Enumerated commas and semi-colons fortify this impression by creating elongated, lulling syntactic structures that are reminiscent of those found in nursery rhymes.
Over the 1990s, the booming economy and stock market may have lulled people into a sense of complacency that good times were here khổng lồ stay.
Finally, in most cases, the pursuit of non-agricultural activities is a year-round phenomenon, subject primarily to lớn fluctuations in local purchasing power nguồn rather than seasonal lulls in the agricultural work calendar.
The concentration of traditional language teaching upon literary texts và newspaper articles has perhaps lulled course designers, teachers, & students into a false sense of security.
He believes that "worldwide we are beginning to see hesitant signs of recovery, but the lull on the domestic market continues".
A lullaby is a vocal piece of music specifically designed lớn lull a child to sleep by using a repeated formula.
A lull (inter-epizootic interval) follows the epizootic, & raccoon rabies is markedly reduced & may seem to disappear.
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