A:Briefly means a short amount of time.Introduction means tell people your name & a couple of things khổng lồ describe yourself, so people can get to know you better.

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A:to introduce yourself is lớn tell someone shortly who you are.for example:"hello, my name is <...>, I"m <...> years old and I come from <...>"
A:We have not been introduced yet.I was waiting to be introduced.John introduced Mary lớn me.I was introduced yesterday.Tomorrow, I will be introduced.We have introduced peanut butter in his diet.
A:Let me introduce you khổng lồ my friendI would lượt thích to introduce you to our special guestPlease introduce yourself
A:Introduce yourself to my mother.Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?Children, can you introduce yourself khổng lồ my sister’s husband?“Introduce” means khổng lồ “make known”, “bring forward”, or often “tell someone your name & get to lớn know the person”.

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A:1. Let me introduce you to my boyfriend2. Have you been introduce lớn Sam?3. Today I am going lớn introduce lớn you a new product.
A:It depends a lot on the context."Introduce" means lớn show something or someone to lớn a person or group for the first time. "Adopt" means lớn follow or use OR it means lớn legally accept a child as your own."I"m going to introduce my new filing system to lớn my quái nhân today. I hope they adopt it and start using it going forward.""I introduced the child khổng lồ my sister and her husband, & they"ve decided to adopt him! Their daughter is finally getting the brother she wanted!"
A: no actually, why don"t you introduce it is more lượt thích let"s introduce it. You use should when you give advices, like "if you have a toothache, you should go to a dentist"
Q:Đâu là sự khác hoàn toàn giữa I will introduce you when she arrives. Và I will introduce you when she arrived. ?
A:Um the difference is the word “arrived” is past tense. It is preferable to use “arrives” better than “arrived” so the sentence makes more sense. “I will introduce you lớn her when she arrives.”
A:Meaning of introduce: khổng lồ make one person known lớn another person by name. We also use this verb with a reflexive pronoun (myself, yourself, himself, etc.) if we are introducing ourselves.Meaning of present: lớn formally introduce another person, particularly in a presentation or before an audience.Example 1:Ellie is a wonderful hostess. Whenever she has a party, she always makes sure to lớn introduce her guests to lớn each other.Example 2:I"m sorry! I haven"t introduced myself. My name is Neil Harte and I"m the head of sales here at Rock Investments.Example 3:Good afternoon và thank you for coming to the lecture. It gives me great pleasure to present our speaker, Dr. Amanda White.Example 4:I"d like to present the winners of this year"s Concerned Citizen Award: Richard Holland and Katherine Kahne. Please give them a big hand!Source: http://www.ziggurat.es/cat/lecciones_ingles/index.asp?id=1826