ain"t dat some shit!

has both good and bad connotations, but is usually used as a response to express great awe at something someone else said

Come và get it!

Idiom(s): Come & get it!Theme: EATINGDinner is ready. Come and eat it! (Folksy.)• A shout was heard from the kitchen, "Come và get it!"• No one says "Come & get it!" at a formal dinner.

Come off it!

Idiom(s): Come off it!
Theme: HONESTYTell the truth!; Be serious! (Slang.)• Come off it, Bill! I don"t believe you!• Come on, Jane. Come off it! That can"t be true.

Cool it!

calm down.

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Easy does it!

Be very careful! / Don"t bởi vì anything too fast or too hard!

Get off it!

Idiom(s): Get off it!
Theme: NONSENSEdon"t talk nonsense; don"t talk like that. (Usually a command.)• Get off it, Tom! You don"t know that for a fact.• Oh, get off it! You sound so conceited!

go khổng lồ it!|go

v. Phr. An expression of encouragement meaning go ahead; proceed. "Go khổng lồ it!" my father cried enthusiastically, when I told him I had decided to become a doctor.

Hang it!

a rather old expression used to lớn express annoyance or disappointment "Hang it", he said when he hit his finger with the hammer.

Hop to it!

Idiom(s): Hop khổng lồ it!
Theme: BEGINNINGSmove fast; get started.(Slang.)• Come on, you guys, move it! Hop to lớn it!• Hop to lớn it, Bill. You look like you"re loafing.

Keep at it!

Idiom(s): Keep at it!
Theme: PERSISTENCEKeep doing what you are doing!; Keep trying! (Encouragement to keep working at something.)• The trùm cuối told me to lớn keep at it every time he passed my desk.• Keep at it, Tom! You can bởi vì it!

Put a cork in it!

This is a way of telling someone lớn be quiet.

Put some mustard on it!

(USA) I think its used lớn encourage someone khổng lồ throw a ball like a baseball hard or fast.

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Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Idiom(s): Put that in your pipe và smoke it!
Theme: RECIPROCITYSee how you lượt thích that!; It is final, and you have khổng lồ live with it.• Well, I"m not going to vị it, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!• I"m sick of you, và I"m leaving. Put that in your pipe & smoke it!

Step on it!

Hurry up!

That"s about the size of it!|size

Informal way to lớn say, "What you said is true; the rumor or the news is true." "I am told you"re leaving our firm for Japan," Fred said khổng lồ Tom. "That"s about the size of it," Tom replied with a grin.

The mèo did it!|cat

A humorous & convenient way to pass the blame. "My vase is broken!" Mother shrieked in horror. "Well," Dad smirked cynically, "I guess the cát did it!"

YOU can bet on it!

Idiom(s): You bet (your boots)! and YOU can bet on it!
Theme: CERTAINTYsurely; absolutely. (Informal.)• BILL: Coming to lớn the meeting next Saturday? BOB: YOU bet!• You bet your boots I"ll be there!

YOU said it!

Idiom(s): You can say that again! và YOU said it!
Theme: AGREEMENTThat is true.; You are correct. (Informal. The word that is emphasized.)• MARY: It sure is hot today. JANE: YOU can say that again!• BILL: This cake is yummy! BOB: You said it!

go for it

To put forth the necessary effort or energy to vày or pursue something, especially in the face of any doubt or trepidation. Often used as words of encouragement. Sam: "I"m thinking of asking Dave out on a date, but what if he says no?" Mike: "Just go for it, dude! You"ll never know unless you ask!" I knew I wouldn"t win the marathon, but I still went for it with everything I had.Learn more: go

Go for it!

Inf. Go ahead! Give it a good try! Sally: I"m going to lớn try out for the basketball team. Do you think I"m tall enough? Bob: Sure you are! Go for it! Bob: Mary can"t quit now! She"s almost at the finish line! Bill: Go for it, Mary!Learn more: go

Go for it!

exclam. Vì chưng it!; Try it! It looked lượt thích something I wanted lớn do, so I decided lớn go for it. Learn more: goLearn more:
ArrayA friend in need is a friend indeed a credit khổng lồ a cold fish a bird"s-eye view of YOU said it! YOU can bet on it! would as soon vì chưng work out all right woman to lớn woman without any strings attached within one"s grasp within calling distance within bounds go equipped go eyes out go far go fifty-fifty go fight đô thị hall go figure go figure! go flatting go flooey go fly a kite Go fly a kite! go flying go for go for (someone) go for (something) go for (the) gold go for a Burton go for a drive go for a horizontal jog go for a ride go for a song go for a spin (to some place) go for a toss go for broke go for it Go for it! go for nothing go for the burn go for the doctor go for the fences go for the jugular go for the kill go for the throat go for your tea go forth go forward go forward with go forward with (something) go freeball go freeballing go from bad to lớn worse go from one extreme khổng lồ another go from one extreme lớn the other go from rags to lớn riches go from strength to lớn strength go from zero to nhân vật go fry an egg Go fry an egg! go fuck yourself Go fuck yourself! go full circle
- Từ đồng nghĩa, phương pháp dùng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ Go for it!