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glory /"glɔ:ri/ danh từ danh tiếng, thanh danh; sự vinh quang, sự vẻ vang, vinh dự vẻ huy hoàng, vẻ rực rỡ, vẻ lộng lẫy hạnh phúc ở thiên đường, cảnh tiênto go to glory: (đùa cợt) lên thiên đường, về chầu trời, về nơi tiên cảnhto send to glory: (đùa cợt) cho lên thiên đường, cho về chầu trời, cho về nơi tiên cảnh vầng hào quang (quanh đầu các thánh) thời kỳ hưng thịnh, thời kỳ vinh hiểnto be in one"s glory: trong thời kỳ vinh hiểnglory!; glory! be! (thông tục) khoái quá nội động từ tự hào, hãnh diệnto glory in soemething: lấy làm hãnh diện về cái gì, tự hào về cái gì
Lĩnh vực: xây dựngvinh quangglory holelỗ thắngglory hole spillwaycông trình xả nước kiểu nghiêngglory hole systemhệ khai thác bằng phễu ngầmmorning glory spillwaycông trình xả nước kiểu giếng



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Từ điển Collocation

glory noun

1 fame/honour

ADJ. personal They are driven by a craving for personal glory. | reflected She basked in the reflected glory of her daughter"s success. | greater The force behind all Peter"s reforms was the greater glory of the Russian state. | military young soldiers keen to win military glory

VERB + GLORY cover yourself in/with, get, win He covered himself in glory and came home a rich man. (informal) Typical! I do all the work and she gets all the glory. | bring (sb) Victory brought them glory, fame and riches. | bask in | steal, take It was 19-year-old David Hagan who stole the points and the glory with a brilliant goal in the closing minutes of the game.

GLORY + NOUN days We remember the team"s glory days in the 1960s, when they won the World Cup.

PREP. for/to the ~ of They built many churches, great and small, to the glory of God.

PHRASES a blaze of glory It"s my last ever tournament and I hope to go out in a blaze of glory! | sb"s moment of glory His moment of glory came when he won the Olympic downhill skiing event.

2 beauty/beautiful feature

ADJ. full You cannot appreciate the bridge"s full glory by going over it; it is best viewed from below. | crowning The city"s crowning glory is its Gothic cathedral.

PHRASES in all her/his/its/their glory Autumn is the time to see the beech woods in all their glory. | restore sth to its former glory The eighteenth-century building has been restored to its former glory.

Từ điển WordNet



rejoice proudly

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

glories|gloried|gloryingant.: Dishonor disgrace shame