to give something of value such as money or goods to lớn help a person or organization such as a charity:

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donate sth khổng lồ sb/sth The commission also wants to make it easier for attorneys to lớn donate time lớn help poor clients.Also, the unrelated donors we interviewed were generally quite xuất hiện about acknowledging that they had received money for donating their kidneys. These examples are from corpora với from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples vì not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors. That is, those people who have not expressly opposed donating their organs are considered eligible for donation. It should be emphasized that money from rates supplemented the considerable sums donated by parishioners or outsiders. Most women donating to temples were widows drawing upon wealth inherited from husbands, typically for the latter”s spiritual benefit. Not in all cases though: it is perfectly conceivable lớn think that donating a liver lobe is less burdensome whilst alive than once dead. Pictures donated lớn an art exhibition in tư vấn of the movement showed mainly allegorical symbols cùng apocalyptic landscapes. Often particular attention was given to lớn the decoration và placing of the pulpit, while elaborate pulpit cloths were bought or donated. Rather than keep her profits, however, she donated them all to the hospice that had cared for her beloved husband. Yet, in both anonymous với familial donations, many of the reasons for not donating would be the same.

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The characteristic feature of the intra-familial system of mutual aid is the preponderance of donating pensioner families over receiving pensioner families. Of immediate consequence to lớn the coastal peoples there are the disruptions to lớn the fishing industry và to the birds who donate their nitrogen-rich guano. Exhibitions held at most institutions were largely or entirely made up of objects donated by local private benefactors. Respect for the autonomy of donating families compels me lớn believe that we should protect them by barring them from outcome information. They then wrote lớn local residents encouraging them to lớn become involved in the club movement với to donate money lớn it.


someone who studies astrophysics (= the study of stars với other objects in space using physical laws)

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