Đề thi giờ Anh lớp 11 học tập kì 1 năm 2021 - 2022 gồm 4 đề đánh giá cuối kì 1 môn Anh bao gồm đáp án chi tiết kèm theo.

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Đề thi tiếng Anh lớp 11 học tập kì 1 gồm đáp án

Đề thi học tập kì 1 môn giờ đồng hồ Anh 11


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NĂM HỌC 2021 – 2022


Thời gian: 45 phút (không kể thời hạn giao đề)

Question 1: Choose a word in each line that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest:

1. A. Agree B. Arrange C. Area D. Award

2.A. Changeable B. Chemistry C. Champion D. Church

3. A. Usually B. Unhealthy C. Usefulness D. University

4. A. Whole B. Whale C. Water D. Window

Question 2: choose a word in each line that has the different bức xúc pattern.

5. A. FloppyB. Idol C. CottonD. Decide

6. A. Extremely B. Excited C. PersonalD. Imagine

7. A. Sneaky B. NoticeC. Mở cửa D. Around

8.A. BirthdayB. Reply C. Schoolbag D. Money

Question 3: Choose the best answer to fill in each gap to lớn complete the sentences.

9.Those ladies often go lớn pagoda lớn pray _______ happiness và luck.

A. For B. ToC. On D. Into

10. Of the three sisters, Mary is the most beautiful ________ .

A. Someone B. Anyone C. EveryoneD. One

11.The whole family usually try to get-together at Christmas.

A. Liên hệ B. GatherC. Relate D.communicate

12.Tet is a ________ occasiom for all members of famillies to lớn gather.

A. Special B. SpeciallyC. Specialize D. Specializing

13-.A: Would you like some more tea?-B:_____________________

A. Yes, thanks B. No, please. C. Yes, pleaseD. You are welcome

14. Would you mind__________for a moment ?

A. Waits B. WaitingC. Lớn wait D. Wait

15. John ____________ helping him carrying the package

A. Thanked me forB. Asked me khổng lồ C. Told me lớn thank D. Said thank you me

16. John suggested ____________to the new branch in Vietnam

A. AppointingB. To appointC. Being appointedD. Khổng lồ be appointed

17. ___________ is the day when people celebrate the largest full moon in the year

A. ThanksgivingB. Valentine’s DayC.Mid-Autumn FestivalD.Tet holiday

18__________out of the window, he saw the mèo climbing over the fence.

A. Look B. Being looked C. Looking D. Lớn look

19. They volunteer to work in remote or_______areas khổng lồ provide education for children.

A. Mountain B. Mountainous C. HighD. Low

20. _______in some developing countries may be the cause of poverty & hunger.

A.Modernization B.Literacy C.Pollution D.Overpopulation

21. They …. On the street when it rained

A. Was walking B. Walked C. WalksD. Were walking

22. What would you like to drink? - __________

A. Thank you B. Coffee, please C. Yes, please D. No, I don’t

23. How many _______ are there in the competition?

A. Participates B. Participants C. Participations D. Participating

24. I would lượt thích to take part in the competitions like these?

A. ContestsB. Rivals C. ParticipationD. Races

25. My brother suggested _________ to the movies tonight.

A. To lớn go B. Going C. GoD. Goes

26. Your idea is quite different _______ mine.

A. To lớn B. With C. About D. From

27. My friends congratulated me _______the final examination.

A. Passing B. For passingC. About passing D. On passing

28. The lawn needs mowing again.

A. Repairing B. Making C. BendingD. Cutting

29. Banh tầm thường is made_________ sticky rice, green beans and fatty pork.

A. On B. From C. With D. By

Question 4: There is a mistake in four underlined parts of each sentence. Find the mistake:

30. My brother has (A) always(B) dreamed to be(B) a famous C) film star (D) .

31. The rain(A) prevented us forclimbing(B) lớn the C) đứng đầu of(D) the mountain

32. If(A) you came tomy (B) party yesterday, you would have seen C)your former (D)friend.

33. Who suggested(A) come(B)  herefC) or the picnic (D)?

34. Could you(A) telling (B) me the (C) way to lớn the post (D)office?

Question 5: Read the following passage then choose the word A,B,C or D that best fits each of the blank spaces.

More and more young people are ... (35) ... Voluntary work abroad. The wild variety of jobs and destinations available is making it an increasingly attractive option for those who have just left school và have a year free before university. Many choose to lớn spend these twelve months working in poor countries. There they will earn little ... (36) ... No money. But they will be doing something useful - and enjoying the experience.

The work may ... (37) ... Of helping the local communities, for example by helping lớn build new road or provide water supplies lớn isolated rural villages. Other projects may concentrate more on conservation or environmental protection. ... (38) ... Kind of job it is, it is certain to lớn be ... (39) ... Và worthwhile, & an experience that will never be forgotten.

35.A. Doing B. Making C. Taking D. Getting

36. A. With B. But C. Or D. And

37.A. Consist B. Include C. Contain D. Involve

38. A. Any B. What C. However D. Whatever

39. A. Challenging B. Dangerous C. Difficult D. Attracted

Question6: Read the following passage, then choose the thành công (A, B, C or D)that best answer each of the question about it:

Every four years people all over the world watch the Olympic Games. It is a time for all kinds of people lớn unite in peace. Some of them join together lớn compete for gold medals. Millions of other people watch them on television.

Why do we have the Olympic? How did they begin?

The first Olympic Games were in Greece in 776 B.C. There was only one event. People ran a nice the length of the stadium. The Games lasted one day.

Slowly people added more events. The Games were only for men, and women could not even watch them. Only Greeks competed. They came from all parts of the Greek world. The time of the Games way; a time of peace, & government let everyone travel safely. The winners became national heroes.

The first modem Games were in 1896 in Athens. The Greeks built a new stadium for the competition. Athletes from several countries competed. Then there were Olympics every four years in different cities in Europe và the United States until 1952. After that they were in Melbourne, Tokyo, Mexico City, & Montreal besides in European cities. Each year there were athletes from more nations. The first Winter Olympics were in 1924. The athletes compete in skiing & other winter sports.

40.How often vì people all over the world watch the Olympic Games ?

A.every 4 yearsB. 4 years C.2 yearsD. Every 4 year

41. Where were the cities where the Olympics were held between 1896 and 1952?

A. In European và South American countries.B. In European countries only.C. In European countries and the United States.D. In Japan, nước australia and North American & European countries

42. How long after the founding of the modern Olympics were the Winter Olympics introduced?

A. 20 years B. 24 yearsC. 28 years D. 32 years

43. In what thành phố were the 1952 Olympic Games held?

A. Thành phố new york B. Melbourne C. Moscow D. London

44. Which sport is competed in the Winter Olympic?

A. RunningB. SkiingC. Horse racingD. Car racing

Question 7:Choose the sentence A, B, C or D which is closest meaning khổng lồ the sentence above

45. "I didn"t break the thiết bị di động phone," Lan said.

A. Lan denied breaking the sản phẩm điện thoại phone.B. Lan admitted breaking the smartphone phone.C. Lan prevented us from breaking the mobile phoneD. Lan promised to break the điện thoại phone.

46. “Let me pay for the coffee. I really want.”

A. Jenny told me to lớn pay for the coffeeB. Jenny is asked to lớn pay for the coffeeC. Jenny insisted on paying for the coffeeD. Jenny suggested paying for the coffee

47. The bag was heavy, so we could not take it with us.

A. If the bag was not heavy, we would take it with us.B. Unless the bag had not been heavy, we would have taken it with us.C. If had the bag not been heavy, we would have taken it with us.D. Had the bag not been heavy, we would have taken it with us

48. “Why don’t you put a better lock on the door?" said John.

A. John suggested to lớn put a better lock on the door.B. John asked why not putting a better lock on the door.C. John suggested putting a better lock on the door.D. John made us put a better lock on the door.

49. “ If I were you, I wouldn’t buy that coat,” she said.

A. She said if she were me, she wouldn’t buy that coatB. She said if I were you, she wouldn’t buy that coat.C. She said if she were me, I wouldn’t buy that coatD. She said if she were me, she wouldn’t buy this coat.

50“I’m sorry I have khổng lồ leave so early,” he said.

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A. He apologized for having khổng lồ leave early.B. He apologized khổng lồ have khổng lồ leave early.C. He apologized that he has khổng lồ leave early.D. He apologized khổng lồ have left early.