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If counsel is appointed, public defenders carry so many cases -- some literally have thousands -- that they can devote only minutes to each one.
Beyond appointing people (and vetoing legislation), presidents và governors don"t have a lot of formal powers.
Company officials had promised khổng lồ appoint an internal security monitor và train their employees not khổng lồ discriminate against patrons.
Until it was passed it was common for young men & women, without experience or training to lớn be appointed teachers in the city"s schools.
It"s common for these indebted government officials lớn appoint to lớn key decision-making roles those friendly khổng lồ corporations, including executives from these corporations.
Expect the topic of a slowdown to come up, especially since some of the people fanning those flames are thành phố officials - elected & appointed.
He hopes appointing an auditor outside the department will help rebuild trust between police & the community.
Presented with a balanced plan lớn reduce the deficit by a bipartisan commission he appointed, he offered only a tepid embrace.
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